Well, that didn’t go so well …

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I suspect that many of our listeners felt a bit frustrated tonight with the quality of the broadcast. If it makes you feel any better, we felt frustrated too.

To be honest, ten minutes before our program was set to begin, we had no connectivity to the outside world, so there were some stressed people in the commentary box! When we did get to air, we had difficulties with the signal strength, which caused the link to fail too many times.

A few people commented through the Geelong Masters Football Club Social Media Channels that they kept hearing music throughout the broadcast. This is because, when the connectivity fails, the broadcast reverts to a music playlist so that we don’t have “dead air” being broadcast. Rather than just having a random music playlist, we’ll play a message telling you what is going on plus a few sponsor announcements while we are getting our link back working.

We have tweaked a number of things in the technical department and hope to have a much more successful broadcast for round 2.

Thanks for your support and understanding.