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Our 2 Blokes Chatting podcast has been launched and is now available in seven – count them, seven – different podcasting stores.

The great thing about subscribing to a podcast is that whenever we create a new episode, you’ll be notified on your smartphone or tablet. So rather than having to go and check all the time, we’ll tell you when there is more content!

There are seven different podcasting apps that you can download onto your phone or tablet – some Apple, some Android, some both. Choose your favourite podcasting app, download it (if it isn’t already on your device), find 2 Blokes Chatting and choose Subscribe. And that’s it!

Our podcasting services are listed below – click on the name of the service to go to 2 Blokes Chatting in that store:

If you use another app or program to access RSS Feeds, you can link directly to the 2 Blokes Chatting at

If all of that is lost on you, maybe ask a teenager 🙂