Oh yes, this is big!

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We are VERY excited to announce we have joined forces with our friends at Women’s Australian Rules Football (WARF) Radio – the pioneers in calling VFLW football on radio – to broaden our audience and to provide more matches via their stream.

Whenever we broadcast a VFLW game on goFooty.Live **, listeners will now have a couple of additional channels to choose from – WARF Radio (www.warfradio.com) and RSN Carnival 2 Digital Radio. This will undoubtedly bring us more listeners as we reach out through these established channels … which is great news for our sponsors, the Geelong VFLW team and, of course, followers of VFLW football.

By adding the 12 goFooty.Live games to their existing schedule, this means that now around 45 VFLW games will be available to listeners of WARF and RSN Carnival 2 – a fantastic outcome for all concerned.

WARF Radio kick off their season on Sunday 5 May with the Southern Saints vs Collingwood game. You can find out about WARF Radio at www.warfradio.com – why not give them a Like on their social media pages too.

Note:  Our broadcasts on 6 and 13 July coincide with existing WARF Radio games and won’t be simulcast on WARF Radio or RSN Carnival