Neil to take part in sleepout

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Homelessness and poverty are major issues in many communities around Australia including our home town and community of Geelong. For the past ten years, Vinnies (St Vincent de Paul Society) has conducted the CEO Sleepout – an event where business owners and CEOs sleep rough for a night. Whilst this doesn’t come close to experiencing the devastating effect that poverty has on people, it does provide a targeted event that enables these participants to raise funds to support the excellent work that Vinnies does to support those less fortunate.

This year, our own Neil Butler (Managing Director of Untypical Thinking – producers of goFooty.Live and 2 Blokes Chatting) is participating in the Geelong CEO Sleepout on Thursday 27 June. Neil is aiming to raise $3000 towards the overall fundraising of $200,000 for Geelong.

And you can help too …

Simply visit Neil’s donation page and follow the instructions. Any amount will be gratefully received! If you are a business and donate over $200, we will make sure that we mention you during our broadcasts and our 2 Blokes Chatting podcasts between the day you donate and the Sleepout in late June. If you are an individual, you will have our gratitude in large amounts!

About the Event

Participants in the 2019 Vinnies CEO Sleepout in Victoria will be helping to raise $1.1 million ($900,000 in Melbourne and $200,000 in Geelong) to support Vinnies’ local, volunteer-run community services which alleviate poverty and try to prevent homelessness. In other states and territories, the event will support general homelessness support services.

This year, all money raised from the event will assist the St Vincent de Paul Society’s ‘conference work’. A conference is a local group of volunteers, which has an active presence in most suburbs and country towns throughout Australia. Conferences support local people in need in their homes or in dedicated community assistance centres.

Through our ‘home visitation’ program, volunteers provide compassionate face-to-face support with a wide variety of personal and financial needs that emerge due to ingrained poverty or other pressures such as mental illness, insecure citizenship status, relationship breakdowns or family violence. Vinnies volunteers aim to take the pressure off by providing access to the basics like food, petrol, education, utility bills, medical needs and more. This support model is designed to give people a compassionate hand up, with human connection, in times of crisis.