The 2 Blokes Chatting Radio Show

It was inevitable, wasn't it?

After the runaway success of the 2 Blokes Chatting podcast, offers of radio programs came flooding trickling in.

OK, one offer was forthcoming.

And so, from Saturday 28 March and until the COVID-19 issue is resolved, The 2 Blokes Chatting Radio Show will be broadcast on Geelong's own 94.7 The Pulse. You will be able tune in between 9:00am and 11:00am every Saturday morning on 94.7FM in and around Geelong (maybe further, if you have a good FM radio) or via anywhere else (you obviously need an internet connection).

Less footy-specific than our podcast, featuring more local news, views, interviews and some great music, too.

Having been some time in preparation, a splendid time is guaranteed for all.

The 2 Blokes look forward to your company next, and every, Saturday.