So who are the 2 Blokes and what's going on?

Yeah, great … another podcast. And even better news, another community radio program ...

There ARE lots of carefully prepared and scripted podcasts and radio programs out there providing inspirational messages and business tips … and then there’s 2 Blokes Chatting.

Neil Butler and Robert Cameron are getting ready for another big season of VFL & VFLW footy on goFooty.Live, bringing you just about every game played by the Geelong Cats VFL & VFLW teams during 2020. As part of our preparation each week, we figured that we’d be chatting about team selections, last week’s results (AFL, VFL, VFLW, GFL, BFL and GDFL) and the games that are coming up on the weekend. And we figured that if we were going to the trouble of discussing the local footy scene, we may as well record it and release it as a podcast. And after 31 episodes in 2019, we are back for the second season.

So since it is two blokes chatting, we figured why not call it 2 Blokes Chatting!

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Looking forward to presenting our thoughts each week on 2 Blokes Chatting.

BREAKING NEWS: Word has got out and radio beckons! During the period of interim scheduling due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the two blokes have been offered a new radio program on 94.7FM The Pulse ... The 2 Blokes Chatting Radio Show. Less footy and more local news, interviews, views and some great, great music ... click here for more details.

Neil Butler

Neil Butler

One Of The Blokes

Neil has been broadcasting for over eleven years with a mixture of music programs (specialising in 60s, 70s and 80s music) and sports commentary. This includes over 150 games of VFL and VFLW football, including the 2013, 2014 and 2018 VFL and 2018 VFLW Grand Finals and the SANFL vs VFL interstate game from the Adelaide Oval in 2016. He has also been engaged by AFL Victoria to provide commentary to VFL and VFLW Radio and the associated video streams. Since relocating to Geelong in 2015, Neil has also been a contributor to the Bendigo Community Bank Sportsfix program on 94.7FM The Pulse.

Neil lives in Geelong West and has been a continuous member of the Fitzroy and then Brisbane Lions Australian Football Clubs since 1983, having followed them all his life.

Robert Cameron

Robert Cameron

The Other Bloke

Rob is a familiar face and voice across the broader Geelong region through his work with the Bendigo Community Bank network and his involvement in local football and cricket clubs and leagues. Rob has a number of years experience in community radio, hosting and calling local football in the Kowree Naracoorte Tatiana Football League in regional South Australia and hosting the That’s Life Breakfast and Sportsfix program on Geelong’s 94.7FM The Pulse.

In 2019, Rob has extended his commitment to local football in the Geelong region by accepting the role as the Media Officer for the Geelong & District Football League (GDFL). This involvement in the GDFL will complement his role on goFooty.Live and will give us a unique perspective on the local football leagues.

Rob lives just outside Geelong and is a lifelong supporter of the Cats at AFL and VFL level.